The Constitution
The Constitution of the Western Australian Bar provides for the election of a President, Vice President and members of Bar Council; cl 31.  It establishes the Bar Council as the body with overall responsibility for the affairs of the WA Bar.  It requires Bar Council to appoint a Secretary and Treasurer; cl 39.  It also provides for the election of a disciplinary committee by members; cl 59A.

Bar Council
Bar Council is responsible for managing the affairs of the WA Bar; cl 51.  In general, Bar Council exercises this function by setting the strategic direction of the WA Bar, establishing goals to be achieved and delegating responsibility for implementing those goals.  However, oversight of the affairs of the WA Bar remains with Bar Council.

The Bar Council has power to delegate powers and functions to committees; cl 58.  Bar Council will usually exercise this power to delegate to a member of Bar Council or an appropriate member of the WA Bar the responsibility for implementing the goals and day to day decision making relating to a particular topic.

Meetings of the Bar Council are usually convened on a monthly basis, or more frequently if necessary.

The following members elected on 25 October 2023 comprise the Bar Council for the ensuing twelve months:

Brahma Dharmananda SC
Vice President
Julie Taylor SC
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The Western Australian Bar only contains the contact details of those barristers who are members of the WA Bar with current WA or Interstate practising certificates and who have agreed to their details being made available.

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