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The Western Australian Bar seeks to support, promote and encourage the independence of practising solely as a barrister and is committed to promoting the highest standards of competence and ethical practice.  That commitment is evidenced by the quality, nature and variety of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, and the status of presenters used at our events.

The Bar Readers’ Course (BRC), the Essential Trial Advocacy Course (ETAC), the Autumn Festival of CPD, and an Annual Conference are regular features in our CPD programme.

In addition to these events, The WA Bar runs other CPD events throughout each year.  The events are of a varied nature, presented by current and former members of the judiciary and senior members of the Bar.  The quality and seniority of presenters used at our events, and their preparedness to contribute their time and energy has been and will continue to be a significant factor in ensuring the ongoing success of our CPD programmes.

Members also enjoy access to a range for advocacy courses and continuing education conferences run by the Australian Bar Association.

QA Provider of CPD

The WA Bar is approved as a QA Provider of CPD by the Legal Practice Board. Attendance at CPD events conducted by The WA Bar qualifies participants and presenters to CPD points for the purpose of satisfying requirements under Legal Profession Regulations 2009 made pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2008.

Further information about our CPD programmes may be found under the specific course/activity.

CPD Requirements under the Legal Profession Rules 2009 (Rules)

Subdivision 3 of the Rules sets out the requirements for CPD for practising certificates issued on or after 1 July 2015.  A brief outline of the requirements is set out below:

  • All legal practitioners are required to gain a minimum 1 CPD point in each of the following Competency Areas

Competency Area 1  – Practice Management
Competency Area 2  – Professional Skills
Competency Area 3 –  Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Competency Area 4 –  Substantive Law

  • Rule 13B(2) provides that local legal practitioners are required to earn 10 CPD points during the CPD period (1 April – 31 March).
  • Rule 13F(2) provides that the maximum number of points that can be earned from attending a conference, course or other event comprising one or more interactive activities is 6 CPD points.

Further details of CPD requirements.

Find A Barrister

The Western Australian Bar only contains the contact details of those barristers who are members of The WA Bar with current WA or Interstate practising certificates and who have agreed to their details being made available.

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