Welcome to the Western Australian Bar Association


    The Western Australian Bar Association (WABA) was established in October 1963 by Messrs FTP Burt QC, JL Wickham, G Clarkson and TA Walsh (as they were then known) as a voluntary professional association of independent barristers.  From humble beginnings the WABA has developed to an organisation with a significant role within a fused profession.  It works in the interests of members, but most often in advancing the public interest in the fair and proper administration of justice.

    The WABA seeks to support, promote and encourage the independence of practicing solely as barrister, and is committed to promoting the highest standards of competence and ethical practice.  Members of WABA commit themselves to a goal of providing impartial, first class, specialist advocacy and advice services.  WABA members aspire to deliver advocacy and advice services at standards of national excellence, within a working (chambers) environment of total independence.  In that environment, talented, younger, barristers can be developed by peer guidance and trial experience to higher standards.

    The WABA is founded on a core premise that a client’s best interests are served in complex litigation by the natural division of professional function, as between the solicitor and the barrister, both working co-operatively together.

    The WABA is a constituent member of the Australian Bar Association and the Law Council of Australia.